Thursday, October 15, 2009

Catch #102!

"Malice in Miniature" has been found by none other than the proprietor of Just Miniature Scale, who is now a BookCrossing member as well! miniaturescale reports: "I found the book on the window ledge of my shop right where it was left. I am so accustomed to picking up trash left on the ledge that I simply reached for it as I went past. When I realized it wasn't trash, advertising, or literature to save my soul from the fires of hell, I was intrigued. Being an avid reader I love this concept. I have read the book already being that I am in the dollhouse field; but, I will certainly leave it in a spot for someone else to find and enjoy! Thanks!" Thanks for the great journal entry, miniaturescale, and welcome to BookCrossing!

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