Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wild Releases #1035 – #1043

The Humane Society of Westmoreland County hosted its annual Whisker Walk today at Twin Lakes Park in Greensburg. Sister No. 6, Cat No. 1, and I enjoyed a brisk walk around the upper lake before the festivities officially started so I could release a few themed books along the walking path. I hung a few from branches (my first attempt at this, definitely not my last), left some on benches, water fountains, and in the split of a tree, including: "The Fashion Hound Murders," by Elaine Viets; "The Berenstain Bear Scouts in Giant Bat Cave," by Stan Berenstain; "Skeleton Man," by Joseph Bruchac; "The Man In The Woods," by Rosemary Wells; "The Dead Girlfriend," by R.L. Stine; "A Pedigree to Die For," by Laurien Berenson; "Sick Puppy," by Carl Hiaasen; "Orange As Marmalade," by Fran Stewart; and "Cat Crimes II," by Martin Harry Greenberg.

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