Monday, January 31, 2011

RABCK #297

Last month, BookCrosser daffodil-2 asked in the Chit-Chat forum if anyone outside England would be kind enough to send a postcard to the children, aged 5 and 6, in the school class where she is a volunteer helper. "They would be thrilled to receive some from abroad," she wrote, "maybe saying that you do bookcrossing in your country too, and a little bit about the area where you live. The cards can then be used as a geography lesson. I have started a bookcrossing box in their classroom and they recently chose their first books, which they are very pleased with." I volunteered immediately, but had to wait until the holiday mail was sorted out before sending my postcard and book. Tomie dePaola's "Strega Nona Meets Her Match" is on its way across the pond. I hope the kids enjoy it!

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