Saturday, September 06, 2014

The Fault In Our Stars, by John Green

Borrowed Kindle version from my local library many months after having seen the film (featuring Niece No. 2 as an extra!) and after years of hearing glowing reviews of the book.

Although this was my first John Green book, it was not my first encounter with John Green. I was familiar with him from his Life Hacks vlogs and some of his social media interactions, and he's a likable guy. So what took me so long to read this book? Me. I didn't want to give in to the hype or read a depressing book. How can a book about kids with cancer not be depressing? But I finally read the book because I had seen the movie and knew what to expect.

I probably would not have seen the movie if Niece No. 2 had not been an extra in it. Who wants to see a depressing movie? How can a movie about kids with cancer not be depressing? It was, and it wasn't, and that seems to be the magic of John Green. He tells the truth and he doesn't sugar coat it. Sometimes the truth sucks, but sometimes it doesn't, and the world *is* full of infinite possibilities.

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