Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wild Releases #736 - #740

Sister No. 1, Sister No. 6, and I went to The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia this afternoon to boldly go through "Star Trek: The Exhibition." I loved seeing all the costumes, but I was disappointed that so many of the exhibits were replicas, rather than actual props used in the TV series and movies. I was also appalled at the number of people taking photos when there was supposed to be no photography. In fact, I think I was the only one that *wasn't* taking photos. I was not disappointed with my themed releases, which were: "The Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion," by Larry Nemecek; "The Starships of Star Trek," by Tony Tallarico; "Proud Helios," by Melissa Scott; "Encounter at Farpoint," by David Gerrold; and "War Drums," by John Vornholt.

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