Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Catch #235!

Yesterday was International BookCrossing Day, as declared by BCer MissTree and sanctioned by the BC powers-that-be in this BC forum post: "April 21, 2014 will mark the first ever International BookCrossing Day. How can you participate? It's easy! On that date, April 21, 2014, according to your own time zone or side of the date line, just release a book, or as many books as you'd like! The point is to get as many BookCrossers from around the world to participate in a mass release on the same date as possible."

Being a good(ish) BCer, I couldn't NOT participate, so I took the opportunity to continue my recently resumed releasing ways. I left five books in and around Greensburg and Colin Dexter's "The Secret of Annexe 3," which I thought would be languishing out in the rain, was found and journalled!

New member aleksandrvulkov says: "I love books. And finding this completely made my day. As soon as I get home I'm going to start reading. And I will have to join in on this collaborative effort to bring small joys through random books."

That journal completely makes my day. Darn it, I think I have been pulled back in.

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