Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Takedown Twenty, by Janet Evanovich

Twenty times I have read about Stephanie and Lula and Morelli and Ranger and Grandma Mazur. Twenty times. The first book in this series, "One for the Money," was published in 1994. I don't know how much time is supposed to have passed in Stephanie's fictional world, but that's twenty real years for me. This installment was light and enjoyable (if you look past the violence and murder), but, like Stephanie Plum herself, I'm feeling like it's time to move on.

I know there are lots of series of books out there—especially in the mystery/thriller genre—where the protagonist can exist indefinitely, but I want more for Stephanie. I want her to either make a choice between Morelli and Ranger or choose them both and stop feeling guilty about it. Then I won't feel guilty about choosing to read "Top Secret Twenty-One" when it is released in June.

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