Wednesday, March 12, 2008

RABCKs #76 - #80

Five books are on their way to nuyear1975 in Wisconsin, to distribute to children for her school's annual book fair in April. The books are: Long Shot for Paul, Dirt Bike Racer, Spooky Halloween Party, Little Witch's Big Night, and Lovable Lyle.

According to nuyear1975, "Our school holds an annual book exchange each year in April. The children are in grades kindergarten thru 5th grade. Many of the students do not have books to bring to exchange, so they just do not attend. I am hoping to get enough books together so that any child that wants to attend is able to and able to take a book home with them ... The children are able to exchange books as well as have a hot dog, chips and a drink. I can not guarantee that your books will be journaled after me because many of the familes do not have computers in their homes, but please know that they will be loved by a child."

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